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Why We Give

Paloma Marin Nevarez

Supporting Future Physicians by Helping With Student Debt

The 2020 Health Trends Report, a national survey of physicians, residents, and medical students by Stanford Medicine, reveals a physician workforce that, while technologically savvy, is wrestling with high levels of student debt, poor work-life balance, and administrative distractions.

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Len and Julie Herberth

A Gift With Heart for Medicine at Stanford

Len and Julie Herberth's relationship with Stanford began in 1995 when their son, Benjamin, graduated from high school in Pleasanton. His dream of playing football for a premier program led him to the University of Notre Dame, where he planned to join the team as a "walk-on."

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stem cells

Cardinal Fan's Gift to Support Stem Cell Research

Anthony (or Tony, as he preferred to be called) DiGenova grew up in a large family in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. The son of a barber who owned a shop where the Bank of America Center now towers, Tony dreamed of going to Stanford University.

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Marka and Jerry Hemphill

Family's Stanford Connection Leads to Support for Medical Research

Jane and Drew Lanza have a rich history of giving at Stanford. The couple's charitable remainder trust extends that legacy by providing for Stanford's future.

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Jane and Drew Lanza

Supporting Cutting-Edge Research for the Future

Jane and Drew Lanza have a rich history of giving at Stanford. The couple's charitable remainder trust extends that legacy by providing for Stanford's future.

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Jan Hanson and Marie Curtis

Thoughtful Gifts That Will Have an Impact in the Future and Today

It was a year after her father passed away that Jan Hanson began to notice some changes in her 70-year-old mother, Marie Curtis—an unusual number of gifts for Christmas, memory problems, and then a heartbreaking realization.

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Dr. Susan Swetter

Making a Huge Impact Right in Front of Our Eyes

Dr. Susan Swetter is making strides in the field of dermatology research thanks to the Mary E. Brenneisen Fund. The fund helped lay the groundwork for a public health campaign targeting melanoma.

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Christopher Redlich

Investing in Future Outcomes

Christopher Redlich wanted to find a way he could play a part in the future of health care. He’s doing it with a bequest gift to Stanford.

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Mr. Jon Hoffmann

Charitable Gift Annuities Create Future Support for Stanford

With a long career as an aerospace engineer, Mr. Jon Hoffmann could write the book on how to think expansively, and how exploratory research changes over time.

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Making a Meaningful and Impactful Gift

Being generous has many meaningful benefits—including knowing your gift is moving the needle on something you care deeply about. For Joyce Lawson, that meant supporting young Stanford researchers making discoveries in the field of radiation oncology.

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Advancing Research in Dermatology Through an Estate Plan

As a a young biochemist, Marvin Karasek, PhD, wanted to know if there was a connection between viruses and skin diseases. After he finished his postdoctoral studies in viral research in Germany, his work came to the attention of Arthur Kornberg, MD, chair of the Stanford Department of Biochemistry and winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize for illuminating how DNA is built.

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Michael Maginnis

A Brighter Tomorrow for Family and Stanford Medicine

When Michael Maginnis, BA '61, MD '64, first learned about charitable gift annuities (CGAs), he thought they sounded almost too good to be true.

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Marilyn Spiegl

"Part of Something Larger"-Marilyn Spiegl Discovers a Win-Win Way to Support Stanford, Herself, and Her Family

Because of their strong connections with Stanford Medicine, Marilyn and Ralph chose to support the Stanford Medical Student Scholars Program. "In my family, education was always prized," Marilyn said. "I love the idea of supporting Stanford and medical students."

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Germaine Benjamin Eaton

A Nob Hill House Provides a Foundation for Medical Research

When they moved into a historic townhouse in San Francisco's Nob Hill, Germaine and Benjamin Eaton, '42, knew they had found the perfect home. The four-level house at 843 Mason Street had a rich history: It was designed in 1917 by Willis Polk, the architect for the city's 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

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